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I've enjoyed working with so many varied brands and people over the years.

You can browse a selection of a few favourites below.

I chose these for their purpose or creative use of recycled or sustainable materials.

Artisan Products 



At UPAVIM in La Esperanza, Guatemala, we designed an array of accessories. These earrings were made from recycled cotton and caoba wood sourced from a local woodworking Artisan partner.

The kimono jacket is made from Traditional Corte fabric.


Peter Pilotto at Selfridges

Project Manager


The dresses in the Ready to Wear collection featured Perspex Detailling. Instead of discarding the acrylic sheets, they were repurposed to create a suspended wall on the 3rd floor pop-up space at Selfridges.

Peter Pilotto.jpg

Behind Every Great City

Project Manager


"Rather Broken Windows, Than Broken Promises", a message sent on a brick through one of Harrods windows in 1912 by the Suffragette women. 

In 2018, we remember them and the women who came after, with a run of windows at the famous department store.


Casa Èthica



During the Covid Pandemic, I have kept myself focused on Work-with-Purpose by creating a Community for Ethical brand owners who want to do better.

We also have a Marketplace, where you can from shop small UK brands.

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