• Carrin Robertson

Slow Eating... Caoba Farms

Updated: Jun 2, 2019

Of the many things to form an addiction to- Farm & Garden Eating seems to be a fairly healthy one. Maybe I should just eat and write.

My friend Anthony recommended Caoba Farms to me before he set off for Columbia, and he was spot on! I’d stayed overnight in Antigua a little earlier than I usually would on a weekend at Tropicana Hostel (also an Anthony recommendation) on a Friday evening and woke up early to start my Saturday in Antigua. I headed out of the hostel not quite awake, down 6th Avenue. There is an Indian restaurant called… I dunno something beginning with S- and in my tired mind, I’d read “Slipknot” (haha) Finding myself quite amusing, I ambled a chilled twenty minutes along a tree lined dirt track 5th Avenida Sur out of the usually busy streets to the beautiful Caoba Farms for breakfast. If you don’t fancy the walk, there is also a minibus.

Ohhhhhh, I very much can see that I’m gonna enjoy my Saturday when I get there, looking through the menu for lunch and breakfast I like way too many options. Do I want avo breakfast or do I want a salad lunch? Hmmmm… well, luckily they do half portions too so, that’s me decided on staying for a half of breakfast and later another half of lunch ;)

(Yes, yes this girl really does love to eat!)

I make the very obvious choice of avocado on toast with eggs for breakfast, with edible flowers. Que DREAMY. And Coffee refilled several times throughout the morning whilst I listened to Armonisas, a two-piece acoustic set-up with a mix of originals and pop covers. I chat with one of the girls later and say how much I enjoyed their set, its been a while since I've heard good live music considering I'd be a a gig every other week in London.

I meet Janet, an ex-pat American who I end up drinking beers with. I chose the Chelita Linda a blonde ale by Ruta Catorce, for solo drinking apparently; fitting as I planned an alone blonde day. But Janet is now chatting away with me, recommending food places, she lives in Antigua and seems to have been everywhere. She recommends a taco place called Cactus Tacos, if I’m going for dinner later. (I’ve now been twice to Cactus Tacos since and it’s very good, all the prawn and fish ones are super tasty- thanks Janet!) She also recommends Ruta Catorce the brewery, which I am yet to venture to, but it’s on the list.

I realise I’ve spent hours at the table, so I headed out to the farm itself and there are ANIMALS! And lush green plants, and bees. And an artisan area. And a crafts market. And they do yoga classes. All the good things.

AND THIS MURAL that I am big time into.

So- if you’re in Antigua- GO TO CAOBA FARMS. Its beautiful, chill, with great food.


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