• Carrin Robertson

Sipacate Surf

Sipacate is a nice little secret. It’s a surprisingly quiet surf beach with pretty big waves- got knocked off my feet a fair few times and I wasn’t even on a board, just being silly with Patti & Siamara who must’ve spent the whole day in the ocean. Las Sirenas del Sipcate!

The sand is black volcanic sand and so hot at midday. I figured that your feet either have to be in the warm Pacific or in the shadows.

I went with a lots of the women from work, and their kids. Plus Daniel the baker and Carlos the nurse who also work in our building. Those two were definitely ready for a beach day, with their micheladas in tow.

It feels undiscovered, a dirt track road with street food and small tiendas line the sides. It wasn’t busy at all, we set up camp by a swimming pool with restaurant and bar which was 10Q each for the day, really perfect for a chilled day out. I find it quite challenging to be constantly “on” because working in my second language can be quite draining at times for my brain and I've noticed I get tired way more often here than at home.

So sometimes I don’t say much. A couple of beers, some ceviche too. A copy of Frankie. Bliss.

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