• Carrin Robertson

Chicken Buses & Alien Fruits

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

In the bus station in Villa Lobos, I spotted these INCREDIBLE buses that I’m sure all travellers to Guatemala will have seen- the Chicken Buses. They are old American Yellow School buses painted beautiful bright colours and patterns and adorned with decorations.

When I think of the iconic yellow school bus from the U.S. I think of that cartoon in the 90s where a bunch of animal-kids shrink down in their school bus and go on trippy, mad adventures through the human body (please help- what is the name of that cartoon?!) And they go down the blood stream riding on blood cells maybe into people’s tummy and what not..

Anyway, I’m going off topic.

Chicken buses are my new obsession, they are stunning. The name of the place they’re headed to is painted up front- sometimes in orange neon paint, or fancy flashy LED-ticker tape, I love them already. I said to Natalie how beautiful they are! She said she never really paid too much attention, or had got used to seeing them really- but had been on trips on them loads, usually out of town to Antigua and the lakes. Being the visual person I am, I’m clearly stupidly excited by these- they are so so cool. I’m taking photos with my brain for now and cannot wait to have a trip on one.

Oh, and I saw one with a Garfield the cat sticker on its window! (Yaaas- cue the heart-eye emojis and instagram superzoom)

Mayoreo, the fruit market is amazing- the produce is all in season and stacked up, I genuinely think I could live on fruit and veg here . A lady vendor gives me what is called granadilla, and is delicious, its a little orange and green fruit that you open and inside is a little cavern filled with green seeds that are clung together in a liquid sack (actually, that sounds a bit knobby, but if I describe them as looking like bogie-coloured frog spawn, then that just sounds RANK) they’re crunchy and tart- I really like them. A brother of the passion fruit.

I also get an anona, which is pretty ugly looking but so sweet and filling- Its juice is really sticky. On my second trip to Mayoreo, I bought some lychees, cubes of chocolate mixed with sugar that you have as a hot drink and as chocolate is from Guatemala.. damn right I’m going to try some ( I end up eating them raw which i don't think is the idea, but it tastes good). The lychees are super yum- and they look so weird- I’d like to add little googly-google-eyes to them and make wee alien creatures from their skins.

And of course, I buy my most favourite foods in the world: coffee, avocados and lime.

I’m in food heaven.

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